The Misconceptions of Spirits, Dark Forces and Spirit and Dark Force Possession

These are some of the most frequent misunderstandings about mood, demons/dark causes, and soul and black power connection.

1. If you don’t believe in mood or black causes then you are not going to choose them up.

This is fake.

Just because you have selected to not believe in the connection of black causes and mood does not mean that you cannot choose them up. That is like saying; if you do not believe in melanoma then you can’t get it. If you have selected to refuse the lifestyle of black causes and mood, that only causes you to remain not aware of the reality. You may end up having some kind of black power or religious connection, but because you have selected to not believe in them, you could eventually end up residing your whole lifestyle with them.

Dark causes and mood are not a belief; they are a point of lifestyle, and whether you believe in them or not do not matter as to whether they will affix to you. I have an acquaintance who is an exorcist and she says that individuals come to her and say, “Well I believed because I did not believe in them that I would be protected from them”. It is the individuals who choose to refuse them that will have the most issues because they will be absolutely confused as to what is really going on with them on a dynamic and religious stage.

2. There are no challenges or dark causes, feelings, angels, or a god. The single factor that dominates is way of life on globe.

This is bogus.

Beyond the real dimension of way of life on globe there are individuals which are non-physical, which are both dark and. People who cannot see beyond the real dimension of way of life are actually trapped on an attention stage. Their attention is trapped on the real dimension. It is like only being able to see a little industry of way of life, and then in which that little area of the globe’s all that dominates. Let’s say for example you lived in the suburban areas, and you were only able to stay in that city. In that city there were no TVs, automobiles, or big components, airplane, or technology. Now if you spent your whole way of life in that city, it would be all you noticed. Actually you would believe so extremely that what was in that city was all that there was in everyday way of life. If someone new came into your city and advised you that there was something known as an important city, which had automobiles, airplane, TV and technology you would not believe them. Actually you might even contact them crazy. You would not believe them because you spent your whole way of life in a set environment, and you became able to believe that this environment was all that there was. Now quite identical to this story is the dimension of real and non-physical way of life. Those who have not gone beyond the real dimension are trapped within it, and are able to believe that it is all that dominates.

3. Only atheists, non-religious individuals, or “sinners” can choose up mood and/or demons/dark causes.
This is fake.

All individuals can choose up mood and demons/dark causes regardless of age, sex, intellect level, spiritual choice, economical position, character, hair shade, etc. This is a made up spiritual perception designed to keep those who believe it stuck in the perception and unacquainted with the fact.

4. Spirits and demons/dark causes can be taken off with means, chanting/mantras, reiki, audio, prayer, sodium, miracle, sorcery, element washing, power treatment, beneficial thinking/wishful considering, incense, sage/smudging, candle lights, white-colored mild, relaxation, techniques used by faiths, studying the bible/koran/bhagavad gita or any other spiritual guide, or just knowing in the universe/creator/god, Christ, Buddha, Krishna, or some other deity.

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